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Enhanced Local Search

Our in-country recruiting support and deep network of connections give clients enhanced reach into Singapore's local markets. Finding top talent can be a major challenge for expanding businesses. Let GlobalPEO connect you.

Personalized Recruitment

With our personalized recruitment agency experience, you can pick and choose which of our services make the most sense for your business. Whether you are looking for candidate screening, interview assistance, or anything else under the recruitment umbrella, we will design a custom experience to best serve your needs.

Market Analysis

Receive up-to-date analysis and recommendations for hiring talent in the Singapore marketplace. Our market overview covers Singapore's employment regulations, salary ranges, and nuances of its cultural landscape.

Our 6 Step System for Recruiting in Singapore

Step 1 – Getting Started:  We establish the type of candidate you are seeking and your desired timeline for hiring. It is important that we take the time to get to know your company. We learn about your culture, goals, and work with your management team to align the recruitment search with your company’s objectives.  

Step 2 – Talent Research: After understanding your company’s goals for the talent search, we begin targeting Singapore top talent sources and identifying the best candidates available. 

Step 3 – Early-Stage Interviews: We begin interviewing from our refined list of potential candidates to narrow the options to only the best matches for your open position. Our team then develops a final candidate pipeline and meets with your executive team to discuss which prospective employee will be the best fit for your company’s goals. 

Step 4 – Evaluating the Top Candidates: After performing comprehensive background checks and character references, we finalize our candidate evaluation process and bring our recommendations to the client’s executive board.

Step 5 – Candidate Selection: Once we have met with the executive team and decided on the best candidate for the role, we help the client with the salary and benefit negotiations before organizing and submitting the official offer letter to the candidate. 

Step 6 – Continued Support: Our team at GlobalPEO will continue to work with your executive team to deliver support for employee and team evaluations, development, and performance improvement throughout the lifespan of your partnership with the employee. 

The Singaporean Recruitment Method

If you’re looking to go out and recruit workers in Singapore on your own, be sure to look in the places where jobs are most commonly listed and searched. These include posting job opportunities on the internet, advertising in local newspapers, and recruiting directly on college campuses.  You also have the option of working with local recruitment agencies, which are usually subject to high fees and slower hiring speeds.  With GlobalPEO’s global recruitment service, you can get advantage of our in-country recruiting support and deep network of connections in the Singaporean market. 

Singapore's Anti Discrimination & Compliance Laws

Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower provides clear guidelines for the countries accepted recruitment and hiring practices. As is the case with most countries, you are strongly encouraged to value employee experience, skillset, and other qualities that are applicable to the position, rather than discerning by race, gender, religion, or disability.  These personal factors should not be publicly mentioned or discussed during the recruitment, hiring, and overall employment process. 

Hiring + Onboarding Singaporean Employees

Employment contracts in Singapore must clearly state the employees’ responsibilities, compensation details, benefits, grievance procedures, and requirements for termination. All offer letters, compensation details, and any document where employee income is discussed should be stated in Singapore Dollars. GlobalPEO includes all these services along with everything else in the jurisdiction of international expansion in Singapore through our Employer of Record service. 

Benefits of Outsourcing Recruitment in Singapore

If you decide to handle your recruiting and hiring in Singapore on your own, we recommend staying informed on the current local laws pertaining to recruitment, payroll, and employment.  By working with a PEO company instead, you can save thousands of dollars and ensure full compliance with local laws and regulations. With GlobalPEO’s in-house experts and entities in 160+ countries worldwide, we expedite the hiring process and guarantee that we’ll connect your business with the best talent Singapore has to offer. 

Why Choose GlobalPEO?

Global expansion is a great step for your business – and now it’s easier than ever. Setting up your own entity in each country where you wish to operate can be expensive, complicated, and requires deep knowledge of the specific rules and regulations. Let GlobalPEO take care of everything. From International PEO & EORGlobal Payroll and International Recruiting  we deliver our exceptional services at an affordable price.