About GlobalPEO

We pride ourselves in helping great businesses expand their operations internationally

Our Mission

At GlobalPEO, we strive to make global expansion as simple and affordable as possible.

Our mission is to successfully help businesses expand globally through our International PEO & EOR services covering 160+ countries worldwide.

By helping companies expand into international markets, we save our clients precious time and money from the complexity of needing to set up their own foreign entities. Our clients have the freedom to expand in a matter of days, not weeks or months. We judge ourselves based on the success and satisfaction of our clients and partners, so we are proud to feature the highest compliance rates with an industry pioneering pricing model.

For every business that has the ambition of expanding globally, GlobalPEO delivers the exceptional PEO, Payroll, and Recruitment services to make it happen. 

We Live By Our Core Values

Passion & Tenacity

We are passionate about exceeding the expectations of our clients and partners. We move with a purpose to deliver  industry-leading pace while maintaining our high quality of work.


We deeply believe in the importance of  being honest and transparent with our clients.

Adaptability & Experience

Our clients’ needs are always changing. That’s why we continue to train our experienced staff members to be able to swiftly adapt to unforeseen challenges.

What Sets Us Apart

Entities in 160+ Countries

When you are expanding your business internationally, the last thing you want to worry about is learning the rules and regulations of each country. We take the headaches out of the global expansion process and leave your employees to do what they do best – run your business. 

High Compliance Meets Affordability

We take pride in achieving higher compliance rates than our competitors in the industry. And combined with our affordable pricing starting at $400 USD per employee, you really can have the best of both worlds. 

Dynamic Solutions For Expanding Businesses

A major focus for our company is to create a one-stop-shop for businesses expanding to different countries and continents around the world. Instead of working with a PEO in each individual country, GlobalPEO provides our clients with one point of contact for all of your global expansion needs. 

We Are Committed To 24/7 Client Satisfaction

Our clients look to us when they need market-leading expertise that will help launch their plans to expand across the globe. After all, we’ve been through the ups and downs of the global expansion process ourselves. Now we’re to help your business successfully do the same. 

Expert Tips & Resources

With a little help from our team of globalization experts, we provide all of the tips, tools, and resources you will need to go from a global expansion novice to an expert ready to begin your expansion. Plus, exclusive access to breaking news and insights in the industry. 

International PEO, Recruiting, and Payroll - All In One Place

The days of needing to work with multiple global expansion companies are behind us. Whether you are looking for a world-class international PEO system, payroll, or recruiting services, we’ve got you covered.