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GDPR Compliance Overview

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) guarantees individual citizens their right to have control over their digital data and ensures that the data is collected, stored, and used in a secure way. These are the 4 elements of the GDPR that are important for international businesses to understand:  

Learn about the personal data that GDPR protects as well as the penalties for not being compliant with GDPR standards. 

Take a look at the rights employees’ have to accessing and modifying their personal data. 

See how business communications have changed with GDPR and learn about the data transfer protections that must be implemented. 

Learn the rules of how much data collection is recommended for businesses operating in the EU. 

Sensitive Information Guidelines

Companies that do not comply to the GDPR compliance standards are subject to costly fines and potential loss of their business permit. GDPR focuses on protecting data that could be used to identify a specific person. This can be a person’s name, identification number, or location.

Businesses are required to get explicit consent from an employee, prospective employee, or customer before collecting their personal data. Additionally, companies must protect the data from outside sources and never release data that could an identify a person without his or her authorization. GDPR guidelines apply to businesses located either in the EU or international companies that are doing business in the EU and have access to personal data of European citizens.

GlobalPEO guarantees full compliance with GDPR with our international payroll solution, which is a highly secure data platform that is trusted by clients worldwide.

Employee Rights Under GDPR

Employers are required to allow their employees and customers the right to view, modify, transport, and delete personal digital information. Companies with EU citizens working as employees or EU citizens managed through an employer of record must utilize a secure data solution to ensure the rights of these employees. Sensitive data must be deleted upon employee request.

Data Transfer Protections

Companies are in the midst of transitioning into more sufficient means of communication. Standard emailing and sharing Microsoft office files used to be the norm, but with GDPR, EU businesses are needing to find a compliant solution that protects, stores, and manages personal information with complete security and data encryption.

GlobalPEO’s International Payroll system delivers a secure method of transferring and storing personal data. Our privacy protections verify all sub-contractors using our system and handle private data with full compliance to GDPR regulations. 

Minimum Data Collection Rules & Regulations

In order to be compliant with GDPR regulations, companies are required to engage in minimum data collection and only collect information that is essential. GlobalPEO collects and stores the minimum amount of personal information required to run payroll and related Employer of Record tasks. The GlobalPEO platform is highly secure and ensures that only permitted staff are able to access the personal data of employees.

Why Choose GlobalPEO?

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